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Richard Alamia leverages his extensive experience in criminal law to work for dismissal of charges, or in the event that is not possible, reduced charges and penalties. He has handled the full spectrum of criminal allegations in state, federal, and juvenile courts of Texas.

Over 33 Years of Experience! A trial lawyer who defends people on a daily basis! A trial lawyer who will defend you!

At the law office of Richard R. Alamia, we provide aggressive federal criminal defense representation in federal courts across the nation.Got detained at a checkpoint? Nervousness is NOT probable cause.

Domestic Violence, Violent Crimes, Misdemeanors, Violation of Protective Order, Criminal Immigration, Theft, Aggravated Assault, Weapons Possession, Criminal Trespass, AssaultEvading Arrest, Burglary, DWI, Official Oppression,Political Corruption, Felony, DUI, DrugsFederal cases (nationwide), Sexual Assault, Fraud, Arson, Expunctions, Public Intoxications, Public Lewdness, Aggravated Robbery, Endangering a Child, Resisting Arrest, Terroristic Threat, Criminal Mischief, Indecent Exposure, Manslaughter, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Revocation of Probation, Embezzlement, Conspiracy.


State & Federal Forfeiture Proceedings

Below, we have provided a brief description of potential forfeiture proceedings that may assist clients in identifying when to seek legal counsel.

Under federal and state criminal law, asset forfeiture functions as a penalty upon persons whose property becomes involved with alleged criminal activity. The government is legally entitled to seize such property under a mere suspicion of a connection to misconduct. Richard Alamia Attorneys at Law can assist by significantly improving the probability of recovering some or all of the value of the property seized.

There are numerous drug and non-narcotics federal & state criminal violations that permit asset forfeiture. Drugs and money laundering charges are the most common bases to seize and forfeit assets.

Types of Forfeiture Proceedings

The federal government may bring two types of asset forfeiture proceedings – civil or criminal.

Federal civil forfeiture proceedings: Involves actions brought directly against particular types of properties, such a parcels of real estate, boats, airplanes, stores, factories, inventory or any type of real or personal property. In general, to prevail in such an action, the government must show probable cause that the property facilitated, or was purchased with the proceeds of, specified unlawful activity. To prevail against the government, the owner of the property, or a claimant, must contest the government's showing of  probable cause.

Criminal forfeiture proceedings: Forfeiture sought as part of a criminal proceeding against a particular person. Thus, unlike a federal civil forfeiture action, the criminal forfeiture proceeding is directly connected to a pending criminal prosecution. Under civil or criminal law, a claimant must prove that either he or she is an "innocent owner" or that the property was not involved in criminal activity. Generally, a claimant holding a financial interest in property sought to be seized must show that he or she did not know of any criminal activity relating to the property or that if the claimant had such knowledge, that he or she took all reasonable steps to stop such illegal activity.

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